Documentary of Hybrid Media from SCU Media Design on Vimeo.

*Japanese follows English.

Dear all,

We are very glad to announce the launch of the documentation of our SCU Research Project:

Hybrid Media for Architecture and Temporary Spaces
Lecture and International Creative Workshop
by “thismedia”, John Dekron and Markus Schneider (Berlin/Beijing)

Initiated and organised by Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani, Associate Professors, Media Design Course, Sapporo City University,

The lecture and workshop took place from 19.- 24.11.2009  at SCU Satellite Campus, ICC Sapporo and U-Cala; Sapporo
Thanks to thismedia, SCU, ICC, U-Cala, the workshop participants and guests for the successful and inspiring project.
This project has been funded by Sapporo City University Cooperative Research Fund, and by ICC, Sapporo.





レクチャーとワークショップは、2009年11月19日から24日にかけて、札幌市立大学サテライトキャンパス、ICC -札幌市デジタル創造プラザ-、内田洋行 U-Cala において実施されました。

プロジェクトを成功に導いてくださった、thismedia、札幌市立大学、ICC -札幌市デジタル創造プラザ-、内田洋行 U-Cala、ワークショップ参加者とゲストの皆様に御礼申し上げます。

このプロジェクトは、札幌市立大学共同研究とICC -札幌市デジタル創造プラザ-の資金協力のもと実現されました。


Hello All,

Three intense days of workshop quickly passed and we are now looking forward to the final presentation of the acquired projects, showing a small excerpt of the huge amount of ideas that have been developed during the work process.

We would like to thank: Hirokazu Kawana, Tatsuhiko Sakai, Takeshi Sasaki, Kiyotaka Kikuchi, Takumi Kuribayashi, Hidemi Nishida from the Physical device group and Junichi Oguro, Eri Nakaya, Kana Goto, Haruto Usui, Kohei Ota, Yuko Konno, Daiki Fujiwara, Jiro Kikuchi, Keiichi Nakamura from the Audio & Image processing group and Arisa Suda & Tomoe Fukushima for their enthusiastic participation and dedicated contribution.

Furthermore we would like to thank Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani not only for their invitation and the organization of the workshop but also for joining us during these days with great commitment.

Thanks once more to Mitsuhiro Takemura and Motohiro Sunouchi from Sapporo City University and Toshiya Kubo, Daisuke Kobayashi, Mami Okada and Kohei Kuramoto from the ICC Sapporo for their kind and ongoing support. Thanks to U-Cala for hosting the presentation and party. Thanks to Kyoko Tachibana for managing the language barriers and for her passionate assistance, thanks to Sunouchi (Snotch) Motohiro for setting up the workshop website, thanks to the SCU students Yuki Abe, Kazuhito Masuko and Tetsuro Takeda for editing the video documentation, thanks to Mari Honma for taking care of us the first evening and finally thanks to Emi Uemura for delighting us daily with her art of cooking.

All the best and happy patching further on,
John and Markus


2009 thismedia

Eri Nakaya

Team B - Eri Nakaya

Haruto Usui

Team B - Haruto Usui

Jiro Kikuchi

Team B - Jiro Kikuchi

Junichi Oguro

Team B - Junichi Oguro

Junichi Oguro: Draw Synth

Team B - Junichi Oguro

Yuko Konno

Team B - Yuko Konno

Team A - 1

Team A - 1

Team A - 2

Team A - 2

Team A - 3

Team A - 3